Current Transmissions:


DAY SIX 13:09 PM


All around them the roots of the massive skyscraper tree churned, coiling like dragons, rising and falling like tidal waves. The bark twitched like veins, the branches arched up into the impossibly vast night, interstellar winds tangling them amongst stars, galaxies and comets snared like kite-strings. 

"Just keep the candles lit!" Max shouted to the reverend. The air was raw with the sound of crows, their prophetic wings, their rough warnings. 

"The stones... They're starting to... they're turning into smoke!" Father Donnelly shouted back. Each little stone had cost them two dollars at Witch Way To Go. The candles were three dollars each, and Donnelly was having a hell of a time scampering back and forth to each point of the pentagram with Max's lighter as the flames guttered in the tempestuous air. 

"That means he's starting to manifest!" Max stared up at the World Tree. Cracks started to rip open in the trunk, light shining forth, like a violent aurora borealis. The light seemed to illuminate a figure sprawled against the huge trunk, invisible before. A massive man, bound, bleeding, one-eyed. The veins in the bark suddenly snapped into angled shapes - Donnelly recognized some of them from jewelry he had seen, some type of runes - and the crows' voices became like thunder. 

Max had told him they were going to meet with a contact, one that might have some clues as to how to deal with LEGACY. This wasn't exactly what the reverend had in mind. 

Max turned to look at Donnelly. "Father, meet the AllFather."