Current Transmissions:



Hide and Go 

The Father stood up and smoothed his slacks. "I can't wait here any longer. I have to warn them."

Max glanced over the edge of the rooftop, looking for the glint of light reflecting off a scope. Listening past the wind for a gunshot. So he would know which direction to shoot back when the reverend took a bullet. 

Nothing happened. Max exhaled, then stood up beside Donnelly. "That was really stupid."

"It's been over an hour since the last sign of them." 

Max frowned at him. "I told you, they're hunters, they're patient."

The reverend turned away, back toward the stairwell leading down into the brownstone. Max grabbed him by the shoulder, spun him back. "How dare you !?" Donnelly shouted. 

Max shoved the barrel of Joy under the reverend's chin. "And I told you, you've been compromised already. If they wanted to hit the Rave, or the Diner, they would have already."

The Father took a deep breath, looked at Max's eyes, the way they flickered between steel and tears, dusk and fireworks. Mother had been right about him, he was transdimensional, like Mayganne and Luger, Hank and Johannesberg, and the rest. But there was something different about him too. 

Max lowered the gun. "Look, I know how important your team is to you... I had a team once too. I know you'd risk anything to protect them. They're the only thing that feels real when everything else can change so suddenly, so completely..."

Father Donnelly nodded. Max reversed Joy in his hand and offered it to the reverend. "Well, right now we're each other's team." 

The Father's hand was shaking as he took the pistol. "Okay... What's the plan?"

"I need an occult shop," Max said.