Current Transmissions:




Mayganne didn't know what the hell was going on, but she knew her world, this current version of the world, just got wilder. Not because of a shift in reality, but due to a major factor named Max. 

Ever since he came into the fold, strange things had begun to unravel as if the cosmic cloth had a tear. She was going to get to the bottom of things one way or another. 

She knew that she was being followed, but she couldn't see who it was or what they wanted. She figured them to be suits of some kind; maybe one of the Alphabet Soup group that had received some word of a fringe cult. 

First Luger had disappeared. Then Donnelly too; the strange part that he wasn't answering his cellphone either. It seemed like they were being picked off one by one. She had wanted to confide in Mother before doing what she thought needed to be done. 

She checked her long coat once again for the feel of the .38 like it was a cobra ready to strike. 

Max Cube must die.