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> Chance in Plureality 2

Professor, we're picking up the Angel and the Gargoyle again....

The rush of air blasted by, sending Darius' coat in wild waves of movement. His arms remained crossed, propping him up on the edge of the bridge. He stared over the ledge down below.

A clattering noise echoed out of the empty canal and rose up to disappear into the evening traffic of the streets.

Darius wrapped a hand around his face, and realized he needed a shave. Though he still stared down with an odd look of bemusement. A small green piece of what could have been stone moved nearby on the bridge ledge. Twofeathers sidled up to Darius, climbing up his arm to perch on his shoulder with her small claws. The passing cars splayed his hair into a tangled mess around her. Which she, amidst coughs and sputters, managed to get free from.

"What are we doing here Darius?" the little gargoyle chirped.

"I had to check on something... part of the reason I need to find Max," Darius answered, pointing down into the canal, as he reached into his coat for a pack of cigarettes.

Twofeathers leaned out from her perch on Darius' shoulder; waving smoke from the cigarette he was lighting away from her face with a clawed hand.

"Wait.... is that?" She stared with some amount of shock.

The clattering noises rose up from the canal again. As a car zoomed through a puddle behind them.

"Yes, I do believe it is..." Darius said, turning from the railing.

"Oh... " Twofeathers said quietly.

Down in the canal, a scruffy looking kid rolled back and forth through the canal on a skateboard. He wasn't pulling any tricks, just rolling back and forth, occasionally skidding to stops here and there before changing his direction. All the while flipping through a black leather book he carried.

A strange sense of deja vu took the young man at that point. He stopped the board, and looked up upwards to the bridge overhead.

Seeing nothing, he tucked the book into his long, worn trench coat, figured it was time for lunch, and rolled off down the canal.