Current Transmissions:


Wounded Puppy

Max leaned up against the wall, wearing sunglasses and with a cancer stick hanging from his mouth. It was lit and the smoke twirled in the air. It was like a beacon in a storm, but at the moment he didn't care. A LEGACY hit team was on them like moths to a flame. 

"You okay?" he asked Goner.

Goner gave him the thumbs-up signal. It was only a flesh wound. He was wrapping a makeshift bandage around the calf of his right leg.

"You think you can make the last thirty yards?" Max questioned him again. "Because if you can't I will make the stand here."

"Yeah, I can make that run," Goner assured him. "I'll be glad when this ride's over."

"What's taking you old ladies so long?" Frank's voice sqawked in the headset. "I know you fellows love to stop and smell the roses but we haven't got much time here."

"Just keep your panties on," Max keyed back. "Me and Hopalong will be there in a few minutes. Keep the portal open."