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Soda Pop Blues...

Goner stepped out of the rain and into a corner store. It was one of those old mom and pop shoppes that even had an elderly couple behind the counter. 

Nice nostalgia touch. 

He went to the pop cooler and reached inside and grabbed a soda. On his slow pace to the counter he stopped by the magazine rack and glanced at a few tabloids there, hoping the rain would be just a few minutes thing and then he'd be off and in the clear again. 

It looked like the rain was going to be around for a little while, so he decided to pay for his drink and leave.

And that's when he heard:

"Okay old man hand over the cash!"

Goner saw two men at the front of the store, one at the counter holding a pistol, the other by the door with a shotgun. 

"Mutherfarker," he whispered to himself. He glanced down at the soda and he shook the can vigorously. "Talk about bad karma."