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Whispers from a Tear

Lanight stood surveying the starving people around him. All of them were dying, weak and malnourished, not fine specimens to experiment on. He noticed a figure walking among the dying. It was a woman; she had stopped by an elderly woman. He signaled Talon. 

"Who's that woman," Lanight inquired as he motioned his head toward her direction. "Is she a nurse? She's not Red Cross."

Talon glanced to where Lanight had motioned with his head. "You mean the old lady with the child in her lap?" 

"No, the one standing right beside them," Lanight said with a hint of impatience in his voice.

"I see no one," Talon replied. He spent another round into the head of another person too tired to raise an arm in defense. 

Lanight saw that she was young and beautiful. A fine healthy body that might withstand the treatments he wanted to try out.

Lanight strolled toward the woman. "Who are you? Where did you come from?". 

Talon strained to see who Lanight was talking to but couldn't see anyone else other than the dozen or so villagers lying on the ground. Before moving on he ejected the clip and slid another into the gun. He began to follow Lanight.

As Lanight approached he saw the woman's face as she pulled back the cowl. 

"You see me?" she asked of him and she smiled. "How quaint."

"I'm not blind you know," Lanight replied as he stopped within arm's length of her. She looked to be a healthy specimen to experiment on. "Explain yourself." 

Maggie looked at him, and smiled. But the smile wasn't warm and inviting.