Current Transmissions:


Draw the Card

Max lay out on the sofa, remote in hand, resting on his chest. His eyes focused on the screen across the room, images that played out in a colourful symphony of pixelized signatures deciphered by the brain. 

His finger resting on the up channel button like a sniper waiting for the signal.

He was bored and there was nothing else on, but he watched with intent like a beefeater guard showing no emotions. He really didn't know what he wanted to do, and he figured he was too lazy at the moment to do anything about that. 

There was a rap at his door.

Reluctantly, Max sat up and and looked at the door. He stood up and walked over to it, peered through the peep hole to see two young women standing there. High-school or college-aged. Both wearing strange outfits. 

"Max Cube?" the cheerleader asked as he opened the door.

"Yes?" he said, his curiousity piqued. 

"Finally," the girl in the school-uniform said. "We've been trying to locate you for months." 

"What's this about?" he asked. He was starting to feel sorry that he answered the door; these two young girls didn't look like bill collectors or salespeople.

The cheerleader opened up a sling bag, and inside were two guns. They seemed to radiate magic. Max stared at them for several seconds... His eyes widening with horror...