Current Transmissions:


The Shadow Eaters

Angst took the drink that Max offered her; her hands were still shaking so much that the contents were spilling over the side. She didn't care about that at the moment, so she continued on with her tale. 

"There were about a dozen or so in the area. I was in the building checking to see what was making the signal while Laker stayed out front on sentinel duty."

She took a sip from the liquid, it felt smooth. No one dared speak up in this pause, everyone intent on listening to what she had to say. 

"The next thing I heard was Laker saying something about shadows moving and by the time I reached the front door, they were on him like a pack of wolves," she said.

"Did you see them?" Max asked. He had stayed in his crouching position beside her. His hand on her shoulder. 

"No," she replied. She dried a tear from the corner of her eye; she wished Frank was here to help comfort her.

"They were just shadows and they ripped into him like he was just a piece of meat."

Goner winced. Suki made a small growling sound. 

"I couldn't shout, because it was one of the most horrible things to see in my life," Angst whispered. "They had a stench about them like burnt ashes."

"That's the first of their incarnations," Maggie finally said. She stepped from the corner of the room. A quiet and sombre tone to her voice. "They're called Acers."