Current Transmissions:


The Mission is the Key...


The sentry didn't know what hit him as the bullet entered his skull and mushroomed out the side of his head. 

He fell over faster than the cigarette that tumbled from his mouth. 

"One down and about a million more to go," Mags announced over the headset. She changed targets to the next sentry. 

"Stick to the game plan." The Professor's voice was crisp and clear. "No deviations at this point. Stay focused."

"Don't you ever sleep?" Mags asked the Professor.

"I don't think he ever does," Angst said. She was dressed in black like Mags, in a skin-tight spandex suit, which made her look more like an X-man than a cheerleader. "I think he should switch to decaf."

Mags chuckled a little.

"Quit the static." The Professor's voice had an severe edge to it. "You know what this mission means."

"Must be that time of month for him," Angst replied to Mags.