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The Delicate Perceptions of Cubes

Max looked up and smiled at the waitress as she walked away from the table. She gave him a wink and he nodded his appreciation of not having to call her for a cup of coffee.

"Still got the charm," Pretty said as he slid into the seat. He was dripping in sweat and his long coat seemed to be bulging with items. Though Max could see that Pretty was pretty comfortable.

"Yep," Max replied, then he took a sip of coffee. "What have you got for me?"

"Something new and exciting," Pretty said as he put a cloth bag on the table. He pushed it towards Max. "Got it from a fallen LEGACY cell team. Got there before the blue boys could make the scene."

Max didn't bother on opening the bag just yet. He had good judgement in Pretty's observational technique. 

"You let me know how it works," George said as he slid out of the seat. "Sorry to make this quick but I got a deal going on the other side of the river."

"Thanks, Pretty," Max said.