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Coffee and a Donut?

"It's gone downhill since then," Frank replied. He pushed the coffee cup towards the waitress. She flashed him a smile and he winked back as she refilled his cup.

Goner was sipping his cola. He wasn't much of a coffee drinker, and he couldn't fathom why anyone would drink oil from beans to begin with.

"You mean you guys tanked out?" Goner asked.

"Not really," Frank replied after he took a sip from the coffee. 

"Then what?" questioned Goner. 

"Well," Frank said once the waitress was out of earshot. "It's just that it just went bat-shit crazy from that point on. You know the weird stuff we encountered in the Plaza Station?"

Goner nodded.

"Imagine that about tenfold," Frank said.

"No way," Goner said breathlessly.

The doors chimed and Max entered. He spotted the two and went over to the table. He didn't even have to signal the waitress for a coffee because she was automatically pouring one. Goner looked up at Max and shook his head in disbelief.

"You told him?" Max asked of Frank as he slid into the booth alongside him.

"Well, just the basics," Frank replied. "I really didn't go into detail."

"You had to been there, Gondy" Max said.