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Remix: The Hellcat

Archived Event: The Hellcat 


There was a rap at the door. 

The doorman turned towards the door and was about to slide the peep-hole open to see who it was, his gun drawn in case it was danger. He didn't realize what hit him and sent him down on the floor.

Maggie kicked the door open and charged in, her katana swung and she caught the other doorman off guard. Sending his head one way while his body fell another. 

She was a hellcat unleashed and she was showing no mercy. Her hair alive and looked as if it was on fire, her eyes seemed radiant with the intensity of hate.

"You wanted me," she shouted. "You got me!"

Everything suddenly froze around her. Blood splatters hanging in mid-air like a 3D Jackson Pollack painting. The decapitated head suspended over the floor like a macabre moon. The first doorman cowering in fear at Maggie's feet, still like a statue.

Maggie growled. "What the f-" And then a needle of pain lanced her frontal cortex, right down into her temporal lobe.

The scene around her started to strobe. Horror-movie-meets-rave lighting effects. She winced with pain, had a strange memory of Max telling her once that the secret to a good party was the lighting. The blood in the air casting strange shadows on her body.

And she saw Max's body. On the floor of the room. Still like a statue. Her katana was sticking out of it. But it was also still in her hand. But it was hers in his body too, she could feel it.

"This is how it has to end," the man said. The man had stepped into the stillness from outside it all. Shadow-man, angles like razors. "Surely you know that by now."

Maggie sheathed her katana, the one still in her hands. The other was in Max's body. She felt nauseous.

The man said, "The Professor is trying to use a Plexotron Device to mix Max into this event. I've hacked the signal so I can show you this. Show you the future."

"I know who you are," Maggie said.

"But do you know that the war you fight, the demons you battle, are because of him?" The man pointed at Max's body. 

"That's a lie."

"He didn't start it. But the way he Shifts, the way he is always coming and going, it makes it worse. It summons the demons, it weakens the borders."

"Max helps me fight the demons." The pain was getting worse.

"And every time he follows you into battle, there is mission left unfinished, a world somewhere left unsaved. It won't end until..."

Morganfokker pointed at Max's corpse.

"Welcome to your Remix."