Current Transmissions:


Zombie, Ghouls, Undead and Suki

Suki ran through the wall firing the godhammer at anything that wasn't looking alive. She was scared and she had reason to be, since there happened to be tons of zombies about. 

"Eat this!" she screamed at one and his head disappeared. "You want me? You can't have me!" she screamed at another. Her arm moved to the closet target and she pulled the trigger. 

She plowed through another concrete well; she was full of adrenaline and she knew she was pumped full of energy. She didn't want to become a mindless brain eating drone. And there was no way in hell that she was going to end up that way.

"This shift sucks," she muttered under her breath.

"You're telling me," Mags said as she hovered overhead. 

Suki stopped and looked up. "Well, there's a sight for sore eyes!"