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*The Lonely Hunter*

Time: 10:10pm
Date: October 13th 1977
Place: The Professor's Lab (NYC)

Max made his way through the streets; he was sharply dressed and looked like he was heading out for a good night on the town. He glanced at his watch and noticed the time; he stopped at a convenience store and pointed to a brand of smokes he wanted. The clerk reached back and nabbed a pack and brought it to the counter. Max paid with a crisp $20 bill and didn't wait for the change.

The clerk thought it might be fishy so he held it up to the light to give it a closer inspection.

The Professor's Lab neon sign flickered on and off like a bug zapper. There was a line up at the door, about thirty lost souls waiting to get into the hottest club in the Big Apple. Max strolled past them and up to the bouncer at the door.

"Yo, Mangy," Max said to the bouncer.

"Mr. Koob, it's good to see you again," the bouncer said as he unhinged the velvet rope and let Max in. "Didn't think you'd be making it this evening, considering what went down last night."

"Oh that?" Max chuckled. "Things like that happen ever single day, Mangy. Like someone once told me 'Never sweat the small stuff'."

Max stopped at the door and glanced in the mirror, his shoulder length hair feathered back, his beard trimmed and looking sharp. He was ready to rock the night away.