Current Transmissions:


Nexus Force

"Yo Max, pass me another beer," Dexter said; he was leaning against the meat counter, picking at an open container of luncheon meat. 

Max reached behind him and pulled out a can of Coors and handed it Dexter. He didn't think that the shop owner would mind, since there was no sign of anyone at all.

"Listen...," Aqua said as she rain down the aisle; she was carrying a boombox. She placed the stereo down on a shelf, there was nothing but static. "It was there a moment ago." 

"Who hasn't heard that before?" Goner questioned. "We've been hearing nothing but white noise ever since we arrived in this godforsaken wasteland."

Max cocked his head to one side and he could here a faint voice amongst the static. He smiled. "This means we are not alone in this shifted version," he said. "We got work to do!"

"It's about freakin' time," Dexter said as he downed the warm beer and tossed the can over his shoulder.