Current Transmissions:


Mistaken Moments

Maggie took a deep breath. She had reached her limit, she had been on the run for hours and they still seemed to be one step ahead each time. It was time to face the music once and for all.

"It's do or die," she said aloud, as she wrapped a fresh bandage on her arm. Making sure it was secure enough to staunch the flow of blood.

At the far end of the street she saw four figures emerge from the shadows. One of the cell team held a "godhammer". The others carried various other weapons.

As they came closer Maggie let out an astonished gasp at what she saw; a woman warrior, hardened by time, leading the cell forward. There was no mistaking it, she saw her herself.

Her double self, eyes widening as she caught site of Maggie.

"What the hell is this?" her double asked.