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} Small Talk - for J.G.

"You sure this is the place?"

Angst glanced over her shoulder at Suki and smiled. "Have I ever lead you astray?" She dismounted from the motorcycle and waited for Suki as she took off her helmet and put it on the bike. Angst reached inside the saddle bag and pulled out some band-aids and began to apply them over her fingers.

"Well," Suki said. "There was the time in New York. You know CBGB's..."

"Let's not go there now," Angst told Suki as she handed her a strip of band-aids. Then adding with a heartfelt sigh, "Though I guess we can never go back there again in this reality."

Suki slung her school bag over her shoulder and made sure the Godhammer was inside. She really didn't want to be caught off guard, especially in a place like this. She took out a book of matches and opened them and peeled the front row off and handed it to Angst. Each stick had a symbol on them.

"And then there was this time in the dance club where you started a fight, a fight I'd like to remind you that I broke up."

"It wasn't my fight to begin with," Angst interjected.