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Another Gateway... Another Time...

The car had rolled to a stop at the base of a hill. The engine was turned off and now there was nothing but the sound of crickets chirping. 

"So what are we doing here?" Goner asked Max. Goner had stepped out of the car and was in the process of relieving himself.

"Don't know," Max replied after he took a puff from his cigarette. His eyes never left the building. "The car brought us here."

Goner looked at the car and shook his head and muttered something under his breath which sounded like "crazy max".

Max leaned on the hood of the car, staring up at the building. The moon was hanging low in the sky and a wind began to pick up.

Max butted out the cigarette and began to walk towards the house. "Well, let's see what adventure waits for us."