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Painted Ladies and a Bottle of Wine

Max Cube did a double take when he saw the picture that was hanging in the restaurant. 

He was fascinated by it, and a sense of deja vu hit him. He didn't know what or when it happened but here it was happening again. Of all the places to find such a painting, hanging in a dingy restaurant.
He sat up at the counter, sipping his coffee and having a smoke drift hazily upwards to the ceiling fan. 

"Another coffee, Max?" Isada, his waitress at the moment, asked.

"Hit me," he said as he pushed the cup forward. Isada gladly refilled the cup. 

"So what is Max up to today?" 

"I rightly don't know at the moment," Max replied as he picked up the coffee and took a sip. "I really didn't notice the painting there."

Isada craned her neck around to see and noticed it as well. "Oh that. That's something one of the cooks brought in the other day. He found it in an alleyway and couldn't let the trashmen have such a find."

"Yes, one man's junk is another man's treasure," he quipped.