Current Transmissions:


The Lobby Room

Max awoke in a white room. His eyes adjusted to the low fluorescent lighting and he saw that there was a white table and chair in the center of the room. 

He could hear the drone of a lone black fly as it buzzed about his head. As if warning him of the trouble that was about to come. Max sat up and noticed that the clothes he had on were not the clothes that he had put on that morning.

"Are you comfortable?" someone asked through a speaker.

"I don't know yet," Max replied. He got up and straightened up his t-shirt which was also white with a grey logo which looked like a German Shepherd. He couldn't tell. "I will let you know once I have a coffee and a smoke."

"This is a no smoking room," the voice told him.

"Well then," Max said as he stood up. "There's going to be a problem shortly."