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Goner was getting impatient with Angst; by all rights they should of been in the battle. Though he had said he would wait as she prepared; it was the least that a friend could do.

His cloak billowed in the warm breeze; it seem to comfort him. He didn't like to be waiting, especially if there was a battle going on. He looked over the horizon to see if he could see anything from this vantage point.

He saw a glimpse of lights near the river. It seemed like the Mysterious Mingos' were up to their old tricks. He placed the binocs into the utility web of his suit, and flexed his power gauntlets.

"Well, are you ready?" he asked impatiently. He hoped the tone of his voice would signify that this was indeed an emergency.

Angst adjusted her mask and made sure that there wasn't a tear in the spandex. After all, she needed to look her best for the entrance. And that her plasma pistols where charged and ready to spew out hot death to those who opposed her.

"Do you know what we are up against?" Angst asked.

"How am I supposed to know?" Goner replied. "I don't make the reservations. I just heed the call."

On that note both took to the skies.