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Not the News to Hear Now

Washington DC, 1989 

Max was munching on a hamburger when he saw the news. It was on the television up in the corner of the diner and was on low volume. But high enough just to make it out. He placed the hamburger back down on the platter and looked around the diner to see if anyone was watching the TV. 

No one else was paying close attention to the event that was unfolding on the screen. Max breathed a little easier. It wasn't a big deal at the moment and maybe it could be swept under the carpet if the agency worked quickly on it. 

Shit's going to fly on this one.

His cellphone chimed.

"Max," Brogan said. "Have you've seen the news?"

"Watching some of it now," Max said. "What's the plan of action?"

"It's going to be hard for the boys to cover this one up," Brogan replied. "You know who they are going to shit upon for this foul up."

"Do we have a contingency plan?" Max inquired.

"Yeah," Brogan said. "But it's still going to end badly for someone."

Max signalled the waiter for the check; he took out a crisp $20 bill and laid it on the table and got up. 

"Get a chopper ready," Max said.

"Already on standby, my friend."