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Remix: The Long Drive to Hellenbach

Archived Event: The Long Drive to Hellenbach 

While gas fed the hungry car, Goner continued to talk about ramen noodles. The Professor snored in the backseat. Goner was sitting in the passenger side and was making light conversation; trying to stay awake. Max chuckled.

"All this talk about food is making me hungry," Goner said as he spotted a sign declaring Husky's House Truckstop to be just a mile down the road. "How about you?"

Max shrugged a little, but now that Goner had suggested it he could feel the pangs of hunger growing. The Professor murmured something in his sleep. Max glanced back to check on him; it was rare to have him in the same plex coordinates. Max liked it but it also made him feel uneasy.

"There's a restaurant another mile or so up the road," Goner said. "To my recollection they serve the best hash browns and sausages evah!"

The car pulled into the nearly full truckstop, with several rigs lined up like soldiers ready to roll at a moment's call. Max found an empty parking space in front of the diner. The Professor yawned and stretched. Max killed the engine and then turned to the Professor and said, "You're buying!"

Goner looked at the empty backseat. "Max, who are you talking to?"