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The Diceman Cometh!

*editor's note: this story is a fictional story - any resemblances to real names and persons are purely coincidental. ;)

"And on that note I think I shall call it a night," Tim said as he folded the GM screen. The duotang with tonight's episode was closed and two d6's of different colours sat on top of it, like sentinels.

"That's pretty intense man," Dan said. He took a sip from his coffee and reached for a cigarette; he scanned over his character and then gathered up the sketches he had drawn throughout the night. "Another good session."

"Ultra cool, Timmer," Chance chimed in as he walked out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee. Black.

Mark sat looking over his character and proceeded to jot down a few changes on his character due to experience points spent.

Angie stood up and stretched and shook her head. "All I have to say is 'Wow'. I can't wait til next session."

Tim beamed like sunshine in the morning. He had hoped this evenings session would be the capper. He had thought this one out for a few days now and it was good to see it executed the way that he thought it would go out.

"Dan, your character is so cool," Chance said to Dan. "I only wish my character could do that stuff."

"He can," Dan told him. "Just do it. Look beyond your character, look behind the numbers and the dice and just go with the flow. This isn't an arcade game and you are not bound by limits and rules."