Current Transmissions:



"You're not going to be long are you?" Angst asked Max.

She stood behind him, her arms crossed, staring at the back of Max's head. She didn't know what she was feeling because there was a whole ocean of emotions inside her; she did feel like knocking some sense into him, though.

Angst really couldn't understand what was happening and why it had to involve Max, Maggie and Control. From what she understood, Control was basically part of the problem, and now here Max and Maggie were ready to go along with him. This really didn't make much sense to her.

She continued on with her questions. "This is going to be a short assignment? What happens if a shift occurs? How will we ever connect?"

Max stood looking out the window; he really didn't know what to say. Angst was playing twenty questions and the mood he was in wasn't helping at all. He knew that she was looking after their well-being, but there are times when we must let go.

"Why?" Angst asked. "I asked Frank, Goner and that cat Trump to say something, but they're all in agreement. And I really don't understand why!"

"It's something that has to be done," Maggie replied as she entered the room. She was dressed in a red shirt and torn jeans, her katana strapped to her back. "Any word yet?"

"He hasn't called yet," Max answered Maggie. He continued to look out the window; he had felt many things in his life and this was the one feeling that he had never yet experienced. It was a combination of terror and awe.

"This could be some sort of trap that you're being lead into," Angst said. "I say we all tag along and make sure this isn't something elaborate to get you guys alone."

Max turned from the window and glanced at Angst; she was on the verge of tears and she was also hurting inside.

"All good things must come to an end," Max replied to her as a father would a distraught daughter; he was in the process of reaching out and touching her cheek when...

His cellphone chimed.

"Yes," Max said into the phone.

"It's time, Max," Control said from where he was. "I'll be waiting for you."

"So it's a go then," Max stated.

"Yes," Control replied. "I'm as ready as I want to be."

"You have the place?" Max questioned.

"Downloading the location now to you," Control replied.

Max looked at the screen and then he smiled; he tapped the phone off and Angst burst into tears. Frank came into the room; he had heard the call. He went to Angst.

"It's a go," Max said to Frank. "You know what to do."

"Everything is in place," Frank told him. Angst gave Frank a puzzled looked.

"Wha... what?" Angst asked.

"It's their musical, Angst," Frank told her. "Let them have this spotlight dance."

Frank winked at her and then he looked at Max and gave him a nod.

"We'll be waiting," he told him.

"I know," Max replied.

Frank comforted Angst as tears began to streak down her chin. Max walked toward Maggie and both of them did something that Frank thought he'd never see. Max reached out for Maggie's hand.

"Time to dance," Max said. Maggie smiled and took his hand and both of them walked to the elevator.

"Let's hope the music is good," Maggie stated.

Maggie pressed the down button and the elevator opened. They stepped in and turned to face the two remaining occupants in the room. Max nodded at Frank and Mags smiled and then the elevator door closed.