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We Be Clubbin'

The pissed-off bouncer approached the table that Frank and Angst sat at. The bouncer carried a huge club, and it looked like the situation was going to escalate further. Frank saw him coming and he knew that there was trouble brewing, and he didn't want to take it that level.

"Angst," Frank said with an edge of warning. "Your friend is coming."

Angst nodded, the look of a coy co-ed turned to that of a machine ready to go into action.

"Just the one?" Angst asked without looking back.

"He's got three buddies eyeing us as he approaches," Frank replied. "Let's play cool."

"Hey you," the bouncer called out to Frank as he arrived at the table. "I don't like your face."

Frank looked up at him and nodded, "The feeling is mutual."

"And I don't like the fact that an old fart like you has to pick on jail-bait," the bouncer said; after all, he was trying to impress Angst. "What's the matter you old fuck, can't get it up with the old ladies? Have to score with the younger crowd?"

Angst was turning red with fury, and Frank just gave her a slight nod. To keep things in check. Frank didn't react to the goading like the bouncer was trying to get him to do.

The bouncer grabbed Frank's arm. "UP!" he demanded.

"Fuck you." Angst jolted and before the bouncer even realized it, he was sailing through the air like a piece of trash. Angst was furious and she turned as the three other bouncers moved towards the table.

Frank was still sitting there; he took his drink from the coaster and took a sip. He looked at Angst and gave her a wink; there was no use calming her down now. "Call me when you need me."

Angst turned to face the other challengers.