Current Transmissions:


Strangers Passing

Danny Leung dropped from the fence and landed in a squat; he had scaled the chain-linked fence that surrounded a LEGACY compound. He thought that he saw some movement in here as well, but he wasn't too sure. It could have been the moonlight shadows.

I'm slipping with age, he thought as he sneaked up to a shrub. He really didn't want to be caught in here without a search warrant, and he really didn't have probable cause. LEGACY was so tight with the government, it was hard to tell who was really in control.

For the past two days Kowloon had been hopping with secret information about a mysterious shipment that the LEGACY warehouse had received, and he just wanted to see for himself. With pistol drawn he moved towards the edge of a building. He blended into the shadows as two armed sentries strolled by.

They weren't really concerned about a breach; they were talking about some game that had gone on the previous night. Really lax in their job, secure in the knowledge that whoever was dumb enough to break in wouldn't ever make it out again.

It's going to cost them.

Danny made sure that the coast was clear and then proceeded to follow the wall; he nearly made it to the corner of the building when someone dropped down right behind him.


"Don't fret," the voice said. "You must be Danny."

"How?" a stunned Danny spat out like a schoolboy.

"We have the same mutual friend," the woman said as she removed her mask. Her long raven hair seem to shine in the moonlight. "He's your friend on a flight."

Danny's eyes narrowed; he didn't know what to make of the whole scene which was unfolding like a deck of cards at a Vegas casino. He didn't know whether or not this woman was on the level.

"How did you know I was going to be here?" Danny questioned, ready with weapon to strike and flee.

"I learned never to question an order because I really don't want to know," she said with a sense of irony. "I was told to assist someone of importance right here, right now, and that there was going to be hell to pay."

"How can I trust you?"

"I'm Wraith," the ninja introduced herself.