Current Transmissions:


Just Like Television but Without the Tele

Angst spun crazily down the rope, the leather gloves burning as she did. Though she had controlled her fall she was still going to feel the effects of it; they were cutting this one pretty close. Right now she was on an adrenaline rush and the pain would have to wait until later.

"Where are you?" Frank's voice came through the earjack.

"Somewhere between here and there," Angst replied in a whisper. She unhooked herself from the rope and moved into the air-vent. "Keep your pants on."

"Get a room," Goner's voice interjected. He was waiting for Angst to clear the shaft before descending.

"Maybe later," Angst shot back and laughed. "Ain't that right Frank, baby!"

"Come on, folks," The Professor's voice was stern. "We are still on the clock on this one."