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Of Element's Gone

The assault force shifted into overdrive; the element of surprise disappeared when two of their members came through a window covered in throwing stars. No more subtlety, it was move and make your presence well known now. Dressed in black and in the cover of darkness they moved.

"Force Blue now!" someone said into a mike. "Element gone. Full bore time."

Three men came up to a door and kicked it open and began to scan the room. They weren't expecting to find Aqua hiding in plain site. She dropped to the floor and spun around like a top, taking the intruders out at the knees. One of them pulled his trigger and a spray of lead perforated the floor and into the ceiling in a connect the dots of death.

"Damn," Frank said as he stepped into the room and kicked one fellow in the head, pistol whipping another one who was starting to get up. "We have to move now!"

"Right with you, Boss," Aqua said as she flipped herself upright. Her over-sized gauntlets on her hands ready for serious action. "How many?"

"There's about four dozen," Trump said as he hopped down from a shelf. He had come in through the attic portal. "All of them armed and ready for some serious action."

"Thanks for the update," Frank replied. He took a quick glance out the window to see a series of black vans and unmarked trucks about. He checked his pistol and grabbed a few mags off the table and put them in his jacket pocket. He called up the stairs, "Goner. Angst. Let's bamboozle!"