Current Transmissions:


Riders of the Signal

Frank sat at his station playing a game; he had been here for the past six hours waiting and observing and occasionally listening to the static. Boredom often came with the territory, and it was huge and vast like the Sahara desert. Every now and then something came on but it wasn't what he was waiting for.

He checked the instrumentation again to see if it was working. He knew that he was only second-guessing his work, but at this point he was paranoid, thinking and working overtime.

He sipped the coffee beside him and reminded himself to get a refill. He was in the middle of blasting aliens to kingdom come when he spotted the red light blinking. He rolled the chair over and turned up the receiver and when he turned it up he heard gold.

Max's eyes flickered open when he heard the alarm. Already dressed in last night's clothes he jumped out of his bunk and headed out the door. If this was what they were looking for then he couldn't waste seconds just tidying up.

He moved along the corridor and met Mags along the way. She came out of her bunkroom and smiled at Max.

"You think we found something?" Mags inquired.

Both of them entered the room in time to hear it and Max let out a whoop. Angst was standing behind Frank with a smile, nodding her head.

"We've found it," Frank said.

"Okay everyone, you know the drill," Max cracked off. "Stations!"

Mags jumped into the pilot's chair, strapping herself in and getting everything online. Angst jumped into the navigation seat and her fingers began dancing along the pad.

"Angst, we only have a few more minutes before we lose the signal," Frank warned.

"Tracking it now," she replied. She stared into the screen before her as her fingers danced. "Got it. Feeding the trail to Control now."

"Ready to dance," Mags replied.

Frank cued up the recording chip. "Ready when you are, milady!"

The spaceship turned on a dime; Mags was an exceptional pilot and she was heading back to when the song first started.