Current Transmissions:


The Moment Forgotten in Sync

Max butted the cigarette in a sparkling clean ashtray. It was his first in the diner.

He looked up at the clock on the wall and watched the second hand tick. It hit 12 and his watch chimed. Perfection. Everything was in sync again. It'd been a long while since he had felt in tune with his surroundings, a hell of a long time before he was able to sleep at night and not worry about the nightmares.

"Indeedios" a tiny voice seemed to say. Max turned to see a housefly zip past his nose fly off.

He was about to call after it but then he heard the chimes above the door. The doors had opened and a goddess walked in.


She stood by the door and scanned the area and spotted her intended. He reached for another cigarette and put it to his lips. He turned to signal the waiter for another cup as Maggie slide into a chair across from Max.

"Hiya," she said.

"Hey," he replied.