Current Transmissions:


Calling Through the Statosphere

Max entered the living room from the kitchenette. He brought with him a cup of coffee and he slid into his computer chair. He was just about to unwind and go on a killing spree after a hard day at the office.

His phone rang.

Unknown name, unknown number, the display read.

Reluctantly he picked it up, knowing all to well that it might be a telemarketer asking him if he had received his sample of free meat, or something silly like that.

"Max?" the voice asked.

"Yes," Max replied into the phone. He was sitting at his desk. Moving the mouse over to the Gang Us Con IV icon and ready to enter a world of violence.

"I've been trying to find you for the longest time," the voice said. 

"Well," Max stated. "You have found me. And who might you be?"

"Brogan Mirk," replied the voice.

"Brogan?" Max questioned; he leaned forward in his chair. A stirring of recognition washed over his face like a panama tide.

"Yeah," Brogan said. "It's been a long time friend."