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Nothing for Money

MAX is standing in a long line waiting for his turn at a teller. There are 14 people before him and there are 3 tellers on duty at the moment. MAX is wearing a neon yellow t-shirt that states VILLAGE and he is wearing jeans. It's a pretty busy morning at the bank.

The young girl ahead of him is chatting on a cellphone. She is a college co-ed.

GIRL: (into phone)
... like so I say to the jerk "It's your move asshole".

The man before the girl turns to face her; he sees that she has a cellphone. He is about to turn and let the girl chatter.

GIRL: (to the man before her)
What are you looking at? Line is ahead!

Max smiles to himself. Trying not to indulge in the conversation but the girl is speaking too loudly not to.

GIRL: (into phone)
Nothing Jenny. Just some doufus before me.

The man is about to say something, but Max shakes his head no. So the man turns and faces the front.

GIRL: (into phone)
So the jerk stands there gawking like he has something to say and I say to him "spit it out" but he's like stammering like an idiot.

Max shivers. He turns to see a shift occurring. The bank has changed from a brilliant beautiful building into a long abandoned building. Max is standing amongst the dust.

MAX: (as he drops his check onto the dusty floor)