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Infinity Radio

"Staff meeting," Angst called out as she walked through the room. She cuffed Goner on the side of the head. "That means you too Gonzo!"

"Oh geez, do we have to?" Goner replied. He set the pile of vinyl on the edge of his desk. "What's the gripe this time around?"

"Don't know. Don't care," Angst replied. She continued to walk through the office proclaiming the news from the head honcho.

Frank was by the coffee maker, pouring himself a fresh cup of java. Max came out of the booth and stopped to get a cup.

"You know what this is about?" Max asked.

"Don't have a clue," replied Frank. "Ain't you on the air?"

"Well, I'm a clone," Max said with a wink. "So I can get away with it."

"Playing some taped, eh?" Frank asked.

"A good disc-slinger never reveals his trade secrets," Max said...