Current Transmissions:


Do You Feel That?

Max stepped out from his apartment, stopped and looked up at the morning sky; he saw the three red blinking eyes flying overhead. He was dressed in a pressed white t-shirt and had on khakis and nice brown dress shoes. His hair was cut and styled much akin to a James Dean movie.

He tipped a wave to the blinking eyes and then moved merrily on his way, whistling a tune. The sun was rising and the birds were singing, as if in unison and in a very Disneyesque way. Max shuddered slightly but still held his composure.

He walked with a spring in his step and a smile upon his face.

"Morning Max," the newspaper vendor said to him. The vendor had just opened his stand, and was laying out the newspapers in neat stacks, alphabetical order.

"Morning," Max acknowledged as he flipped a dollar coin onto the stand and took a paper. He tucked it underneath his arm.

"You going to the Renewal event?" the vendor ask. "It promises to be the grandest one yet."

"You'd have to be some sort of nut to miss it!" Max exclaimed excitedly. "I heard the morning announcer declare it was going to be quite the event this afternoon."

Max continued down the street; he passed by other shops and buildings and waved at shop keepers and passersby with friendly greetings. When no one seemed to notice and the three eyes had passed over the city, Max ducked down an alley. He made sure it was dark and that there was a balcony overhead.

He fished out a bent cigarette from the the fold in his pants and put it to his lips.

After he took a puff he fished out a cellphone and hit a speed-dial number.

"Professor, you got to get me the fuck out of here!" he said in a whispered voice. "One more day here and I will go on a rampage like this reality has never seen!"

"Now Max," the Professor's voice came through the phone among the static. "We are working on it at our end. Hold on!"