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> Dan in Plureality FINAL

I tried to stop it once. Tried to kick it. For an entire year I stopped doing magick, stopped keeping a journal, stopped writing. Stopped making connections or searching for mythology. Instead I worked a lot, I studied Taekwondo, I returned to the city that I was born in, went to bars with friends, and I went for more than a year without changing jobs or moving, a first since I turned eighteen. I was all about the body, getting healthy, being normal.


Ms. Amita laughs warmly. “But it was just another hit, wasn't it? Another way of making things strange. Another way of making magick.”


Over the next year I begin slowly integrating all my ways of doing magick together. Sometimes it is rough going, there are too many connections, too much to see and hold, too much to doubt. 

Writing a series of journals into my laptop-familiar, changing the style, even the font, to create different versions of my life unfolding. The way that Professor X from the comic and from the cartoon and from the movie are all different but all still Professor X. Either/Or having mutated into And/Or finally evolving fully into And. Plureality, fractal storm of parallel realities and identities all happening at once. Like watching an n-channel universe, living different lives by pressing the button on the magic wand. All of it occurring in the simulation being generated by our brain, mediated, everything is media, Noo Media. Designer realities. The Eschaton has ended, we're living in the Teleon. It's genesis culture. In the Aetion, where everything is always beginning, where every scene is the first scene of the movie, anything could happen. 

It's a lot to process, but I keep walking. In the wave, I can feel her behind me. 

Until I get the opportunity to submit a story about magick, an autobiographical series of articles, to a blog, and I have to look.


“And that's why he summoned us,” she says. “To help him pass through it.” 

Dr. James shakes his head. “No, I'm real.” His eyes are wide. 

Dr. Hannah smiles. “Yes, you are. You're real in the same way that money is real, or the government. In the same way that this desk, made up of 10-dimensional strings and empty space, is real. In the same way that 'Daniel' is real. That magick is real.” 

He looks through the mirror. “And who are They?” 

“They are the ones reading this.”

Daniel looks at Them, wondering if it has worked. He feels something like a star in his belly. And They look at him.