Current Transmissions:


'Come away, human child, to the water...'

Frank's fingers tensed around the cellphone. "I'm telling you, Professor, that something doesn't feel right. It feels like something is missing." He was pacing around the motel room.

"Of course it would feel like that," said the voice from the phone.

"No, I don't mean them... It's - I can't explain it!"

"Frank, please stay calm. You exist now in a perpetual state of discovery and absence, of lost and found. We talked about this before you received the implant."

Frank adjusted his sunglasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Yeah, I get it - we gain and we lose things all the time, every time we shift... But what if we lost something... and then forgot that we ever even had it?"

"I suppose that would be either a blessing or a cruelty."

Frank stared at the table by the window, the weapons spread out on the faded faux-wood surface; the sniper rifle with scope, the pistol with silencer, the collapsible baton. The Godhammer.