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What's in a Name?

Angst was tanning herself, laying out on a lounge chair by a huge pool and letting the sun caress her body. She was starting to lose that "look" due to all the shifting in location, and it was good to have some quiet time.

Maggie climbed out of the pool and grabbed her towel that was hanging on the back of a deck chair next to Angst.

"What is your name?" Angst asked. The question wasn't meant to intrude but it was a curious one. "Like, we have some cool handles but you, Max and Frank just go buy your first names. Is Maggie your real name?"

Maggie stopped what she was doing and looked at Angst. "Why do you ask?"

"I really want to know who you are..." Angst said; she propped herself up and stared into Maggie's eyes, trying to read her soul, but couldn't.

"Well, I am who you think I am," Maggie replied with a smile.