Current Transmissions:


ReBoot Alpha

Max's head hurt.

He opened his eyes to find himself sitting on a bench, his mind seemed to be swimming in neurological chaos at the moment. He was trying to get his bearings, he didn't know where he was and how he got there.

This is not good.

The sun was blaring down, his tongue felt like fuzz as he tried to spit but couldn't muster up the saliva to do so. He stood and sat right back down again as vertigo made the world around him turn. He closed his eyes, took several deep breaths and then opened them again.


He was on a city street, he didn't know which city it was, but at least the sun was shining. His stomach grumbled like a dog does when it's disturbed from a deep sleep, he needed to get a bite to eat and a coffee to chase away the tendrils of the fog that seem to cloud memories of his mind. He glanced around and saw a Chinese restaurant down the street.

It will do.

Lucky Chi's Restaurant was opened for business, Max entered and sat down at the counter. He ordered a coffee from the very pretty waitress, he picked up the menu to see what meal appealed to him today.  The door chimed opened and Max did a quick glance at the grungy street kid dressed in a tattered longcoat, the kid had a skateboard tucked under one arm and he was carrying a bible in the other hand. The tattered longcoat had several buttons which declared: Choose Life, Pray Hard, God Loves You (I Might Not Like You).

I should know him. Darius? His name is Darius. He's so young. Am I dreaming?

Max was about to call his name, but then he noticed the big hulking fellow sitting two seats down from him. He had cop written all over him, shaved head, mustache and a goatee to boot and dressed in a long black trench-coat. The badge on his belt didn't hide the fact, as well.

What's going on. What's happening here? Why is this happening again? 

Max took a sip from his coffee cup. Memories unlocked and he knew that any moment all hell would break loose, when the woman Wraith will enter through the door and take a seat at the back of the room then the Tongs will enter moments later to demand their "security payment".  The scene will play out differently this time, he knew what he was going to do, he was going to play it cool and let everyone have their moment...