Current Transmissions:


> Karen in Plureality

She sat up slowly, the pounding of her head confirming it wasn’t a dream. Had she dropped in or was it up. Hard to tell here. Max had said “Drop in anytime, Raven.” But she hadn’t imagined it to be so literal.

I’ll kick his ass, next time I see him, she thought. Never trust a man.

It was dark and she waited for her eyes to adjust. Nope. Nothing. Damn! She fished in her pocket for her keys and squinted her eyes, waiting for the flash of light that exploded from the tiny fob. It hovered above her and she looked around in the brightness. Vast expanses of grid lay before her in all directions.

Leave it to Max. Men and their toys. She walked toward a slight dip in the grid and the light followed her. Ok Max, this is slightly boring, even for you. As she approached, a box with a set of doors rose from the grid. Oh, goodie, some excitement! 

Seeing no handle or button, she stood in front of them and they opened to reveal an empty box. She stepped inside and felt the box rise quickly and then drop with a thud.

Doors opened and Max stood on the other side, smiling. “Thanks for dropping in, Raven.”

She flipped the mass of red curls, which had become tangled in the drop, and her black eyes stared at him. “You’re such a funny guy, Max. I hope whatever you have to show me is a lot more exciting than this.”
He laughed at his friend and motioned her to follow.