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The Wind Whispering Hints

Like pin-pricks in black velvet the stars began to show themselves in the twilight, magically appearing as the sun waxed away upon the horizon. The hum of streetlights began their chorus as they were programmed to do; night was approaching and the streets needed lights to keep the evil at a bare minimum.

Mags was standing on the balcony of her apartment; she was dressed in fine regal clothing, an evening dress, her hair pulled back into a bun. The scent of expensive perfume wafted around her like a delicate spark.

The breeze coming in from the north brought a hint of winter to come. But at the moment she didn't want to think about the near future or the past; it was the here and now that she was focusing on. It had been a long time since she had prettied herself up for a socialite occasion.