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> Goner in Plureality

Supercharge is a code-word for a gravitational blindside, any number of planets may be involved as may any number of restaurant patrons, subway passengers, any conjunction of biology, matter, orbits (however erratic) really, it’s a wave that selects its own medium based on tables and rules that disappear so far back into antiquity or so far forward into whatever is next or so far inward it becomes indistinguishable from chance or for that matter fate, and not gravity exactly but the deeper thing that looks like gravity, gravity only in the sense that gravity is what pulls tears down your cheeks, or inevitability in the sense that there’s no going back from that step off the cliff, not that being supercharged is something that ever happens to us anymore, do we know for certain either way, or better yet can we select or at least take part in the selection process, nominations, secret ballots, debates, of the medium, be a supercharger, though all on the condition that a supercharged medium is indistinguishable from a natural hot or cold, high or low, spicy or mild.