Current Transmissions:


Right Here, Right Now

Cue Music.


Fade in just as the vocals start, we get a POV from space and then the camera view is pulled in by gravity. It focuses in on a city, and then zooms right in on MAX CUBE.

POV as the camera orbits around MAX.

MAX is standing on the rooftop, a slight drizzle is falling, he is wearing a long coat, he has his guns out, and he is listening to the song that is continuing to play in the teaser.

His eyes are closed, his head bobbing with the music. A cigarette dangles from his mouth.

Roof door as it opens up.

Knee Shot of feet stepping out onto the roof. 

Even though his eyes are closed and he is listening to his ipod he lifts up his right arm and aims towards the door, not pulling the trigger.

VOICE: (calling)

MAX lowers the gun and he flicks open his eyes.

Close up on MAX's Eyes.

They are cold and intense like diamonds on black velvet.