Current Transmissions:


The Ground is Calling

The 33rd floor window smashed outwards, sending glass spiraling out like discarded trash out of a tour bus. A desk that had been tossed and the body that it had hit also came through.

For a fraction of a millisecond everything seemed to hang in the air, then gravity came calling and started pulling everything towards the ground. Including Maggie. She was cut, battered and bruised and now she began to plummet. The desk fell away from her.

The huge cyborg had grabbed a desk as Maggie began to tumble across the room, though the beast had calculated where she would be and made the throw. Tossed the huge marble desk, and hit her through the glass like she was just a rag doll. She could hear the sound of gunfire from the open window, which meant Suki and Max where still engaged in combat.

Maybe they didn't realize that she was now out of the combat zone and into a free fall zone. Falling with the shattered glass towards the concrete floor which she was now getting close to.

This is going to hurt.