Current Transmissions:


> Debashis in Plureality 2

Flaps up, throttle on. Gear in.  Lift off, climb high and soar.  Everything is smooth rolling.  Not a hitch, a couple of bumps but, nothing really.  This machine has gotten more cumbersome, but nothing we can*t handle.  We still love it.  Just gotta adjust the throttle on this thing.  Say what?  You want us to take on a bit more baggage?  Sure, but we*re gonna need some help.  Hmmm?  Yep, not a problem.  We can make it work.  Just need some fine-tuning.  But you gotta know, the more you give me, the bumpier the ride.  Hey, the first part of this journey is going well.  Sunny skies all the way, the cargo is not moving around much and it*s a great flight.  Couldn*t ask for better.  Some wanna get off a bit early, so we*ll make some stops.   Say it again?  Great to hear it * yeah, they*re liking the ride.  A bit of nausea for a few, but we got puke bags and some kind of homeopathic stuff on board for that.  There*s also Gravol for those who want it.  Yeah, we know there*s a bit more bumps, but hey, we got an old machine and lots of stuff on board, so it*s going to be a bit tougher to get this ride smooth, but they*re still liking it.  Hold on, can*t quite hear you.  Switching channels.  Say that last thing again, will you? Oh, things are fine overall for us*how about you?  It*s busy for us all, eh?   Ummm, hold on, different message coming in.  Says that something*s not right but we*ll fix it later on.  Not to worry.  Not to worry?? Geeez!  We*re like way up high right now and you*re telling me not to worry?  But, hey, you*re the boss.  But I will worry a bit.  Hey, listen, I*ve got a couple of problems on board and I*ll get you the documentation in a bit, but I*m also running into some clouds. So, the paperwork will wait, ok?  Lots of clouds, some dark ones.  A storm?  What is this?  Hmm. The instruments aren*t working properly.  There is NO WAY that the altitude can say THAT!  Oh well, time to fly without instruments.  We can do this.  Ride*s getting rougher.  But the clouds are still weird.  No storm yet, but something*s a-loomin*.  The luggage is moving around a bit more and the passengers are getting a bit upset.    Oh, for goodness* sake!! Rumours of an imminent crash?  Are you kidding!?  Tell them it*s not happened before and never will.  What??  They*re telling each other what?  Oh well, we gotta fly this thing.  The field*s not so far away.  They*re talking to the boss now?  But the boss is miles and miles away from up here.  Nothing the boss can do and why the heck don*t they just hang tight!?  Someone wants up into the cockpit?  Sure*gotta make the customers happy, I guess.    Well hi there.  How old are you?  11 years old, eh?  And who do have with you?  Oh yeah?  What*s your dog*s name?  You want to fly for a bit?  Can*t really allow you to do that.  Yes, it takes years of practice and training.  You know a lot about these machines?  Tell me more.  Yup, that makes sense*probably once you grow up, you can really get into learning about this stuff.  If you like this, do not lose your passion.  You can do this, it*s fun and I love it.  Look, I got a book or two for ya.  Hey, we*re getting into some air pockets, so I need you and everyone else to go back to your seats and get secure.  No, nothing to be scared about.  But, we gotta be safe.  Thanks for coming in.  Take care of that dog and I will see you when we land.    Ok, let*s get a handle on this thing.  What?  Someone else wants to see the cockpit?  We can*t right now.  They have to wait, or it might not even happen.  No, I*m not trying to be rude or whatever.  We gotta get through this storm or whatever it is and get down.  Someone*s complaining about the dog now?  The kid can fly better than us?  But the kid don*t even a license yet.  The kid ain*t tall enough to reach the pedals.  The kid needs time.  Is anyone still enjoying the ride?  Well, that*s good.  Oh, wait, here comes a transmission.  You*re telling me to go through the clouds and be careful for the mountains.  I can*t even see through the mountains.  Aren*t there some automatic beacons that are supposed to be around here somewhere?  Oh well, I know they*ll blink when they need to.  We*re all in this together, right?    SLAM!!!  What the heck was that?  We*re still flying, but what was that?!  A bird?  This high?  Oh, luggage?  Can someone please go down and secure all that?  What now?  Less fuel?  I thought I told you to keep check on that.  I thought you filled up before we took off*.  But don*t worry, I*ll just make this adjustment to the flight plan and we should be ok.  Ok.  I*m tired and I don*t know what*s coming next.  I*m not good anymore.  I*m just ok.  I don*t like it.  We*re in trouble.  We won*t crash.  I will make sure of that.  But what if I do. It*s all my fault,  none of it*s my fault.  Doesn*t matter.  Got keep this boat afloat.