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Death Be Warned

Max stood on the platform, smoking a shitty smelling cigarette. But if he was caught here by the Smoke Nazis they would have executed him and anyone associated with him for breaking the ban.

Of course it was rough shift and Max had run out of smokes; he had hunted around the black market and finally came to a dealer who sold death sticks. He was thankful to be having one at this exact moment.

Max wore a white t-shirt and written on the upper right hand corner was "FREE". They had been waiting for the train to show. And he took the chance to spark it up and let the smoke drift hazily about.

Suki was skipping rope and noticed that Max couldn't wait the few extra moments until the train arrived to smoke. She frowned upon that. Akimoto couldn't have been bothered since he was sitting on a bench trying to read a Garfield comic book.

Max had defaced a poster that was on the wall. Feeling cynical. The poster was of a movie now playing in some theater. The title 'Morbid' in red paint in the style of splattering blood on a black canvas. Max had burned three cigarette holes into the "o" "b" and "d". He stood back to admire his creativity.