Current Transmissions:



Max was waiting behind a pillar with his guns drawn, ready for action. The problem was that there was no action happening yet, but he was sticking to the plan. A perfect plan that was laid out a couple of hours before.

He was sitting there in the car port waiting. And several minutes ticked by like millenniums passing. Suki was a few yards away from him; he could see her behind a barrier, the Godhammer resting in her lap. She was bored as well.

But this wasn't a time or the place to be bored and let your guard down. Just then the elevator doors began to chime; Max straightened up. Soon it would be showtime. As soon as Suki heard the chime, she spat out the bubble gum and winked at Max.

A car was pulling into the parking garage; Max could hear a familiar riff of a Talking Heads song getting louder. He heard the music, the beginning of Burning Down The House. Suki heard it too, and she cracked a smile, and just as soon as the elevator doors opened, both went into action singing the song as it was being played; weapons blazing in a symphony of music.