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Excerpt from Sparkle_Lady's journal at Ghostbloggers:

I haven't updated in a while. I haven't been nothng much at all. Stay in my room, listening to the gothic voices sing to me on my mp3 player. Nothing too exciting has been going on. Nothing until earlier this evening.

I've been hanging out at a coffee house where a strange eccletic group of people been hanging out as well. I really don't know what to make of them but they seem to be a pretty eccentric bunch (wow look at me use big words I are edumakated! ;)) After school I like popping in and getting a cap or two and read up on the current events. It's a nice cosy atmosphere.

Well anyways the crew that hangs up in the upper tier, I have come to know by their chatting: There is Max (tall handsome fellow with sandy hair), Frank (a middle aged fellow with jet black hair and always wears nice suits), Goner (a twenty something dweeb), Angst (a very pretty girl who could could be a debutante) and Maggie (a tough looking lady). I am sitting at a low table, pretty close to where they usually sit.
I notice Goner always glancing at me. 

I am sitting there this evening and in comes Frank and Max. They go over to their usual spot by the window and they sit back and chillax for a bit. Sipping coffee and Frank reading the papers (he always has a stack of papers with him). Max is smoking a cigarette (a bad habit I know). I have been working up the nerve to try and chat with these guys... though we do say the occasional hello and how's it going.

I am just about to stand up and make a move over there, I feel all queasy and nervous inside... when suddenly an elderly gentlemen strolls past me. He walks up to the table and Frank really is about to do something, when Max signals for him to stop. The fellow has got to be in his 40's maybe, looking dapper (but Frank looks more dapper)... he stands at the table and says:

"Max Cube. We need to talk," and than adds as he scans the room and looks directly at me. "Privately".

I drop my drink on the table, and Frank looks at Max and Max nods his okay. So Frank gets up and comes over and he helps me.

"Let me buy you a coffee," he says to me like a father. After we gather the paper up, Frank leads me by the arm down to the main area and he buys me a coffee. But he's got this real concerned look on him.

"Trouble?" I asked meekly.

"No," Frank replies. "Something much much worse."

Whatever that means.... oops got to go now. I will continue this escapade later on tonight.