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And at Night They Danced til Dawn...

Angst, Mags and Suki were on the dance-floor letting the techno beat consume their souls like the devil that music was. Amongst the throngs of the beautiful people; bodies sweating to the pulsating sounds of rhythms past, present and future.

It was times like these that made each adventure a blessing, a world saved unbeknownst to the inhabitants; they go about their business without a thought to what horrors would have befallen them if they opened their eyes a little wider. To peer beyond the darkness, and see for true the evil that lies waiting; like a rabid dog ready to snap at any moment.

Goner sat at the booth, sipping a drink and watching the girls dance. He was about to slip out and join them when a big hand shoved him back down into the booth. He looked up and saw a trio of suited men standing before him.

"Where you think you are going, Goner?" one of them asked.

"I have to bleed the lizard," Goner lied. 

"Well, you can hold it," the other said. He stood in front of the booth looking down at the table and at Goner. He noticed the several drinks on the table.

"Here by yourself?" another asked.

"Ummm, yeah," Goner answered. He saw that Suki had glanced over at the table, and then she stopped dancing and tapped Angst.

"Goner, you knew we'd catch up with you eventually," said the fellow. He slid into the other side of the booth. "You owe Bartinallo a lot of money."

"Crap," Goner said. "That had slipped my mind."

"You know what we are going to do with you," one of the goons said.

"I would be leaving if I were you guys," he warned. "There's a girl that's going to be showing up here and she is going to give you guys a serious thrashing."

The trio chuckled.

"Maybe we ought to give her a surprise or two," one of them joked. 

"Well, officially fellows, you've been warned," Goner said.